Pretty Ponies for Parties
Morris, IL 60450
Phone: 877-740-4025 

Information about Us

Pretty Ponies for Parties provides entertainment for children's birthday parties, church events, company events or block parties. Pretty Ponies for Parties will bring a pony (or two or three)  to your party or event so that each child will get a chance to pet and ride our pony.  We have the best ponies in the area and we have the most fun!

OUR MISSION is to provide children with enjoyable and educational entertainment through interaction with some of God's most loving creatures:  ponies and horses.  Our purpose is to share how our knowledge of gentle training, great care and loving human interaction can develop gentle, loving animals.  We stress kindness to all living creatures which results in a peaceful, warm environment.

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We have had our small farm in Morris, Illinois for over seven years.   Morris is about 60 miles southwest of  downtown Chicago, Illinois.  

We have over twenty years of experience with horses and ponies.   I train my horses and ponies with natural horsemanship which is a gentle and effective approach.   

We started our pony parties with our grandchildren and decided to expand to the public so everyone can enjoy our wonderful ponies!

When people drive by our place, many have  stopped to take pictures of our horses and ponies and we have made many friends in this manner!

If you are thinking about having a birthday party,  CALL Pretty Ponies for Parties or email us through our CONTACT PAGE!  We would be happy to share the joy of our ponies with you and your children.  

Pretty Ponies for Parties
Morris, IL
Call Therese at  779-205-8190

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